It is no longer news that hospitals and other healthcare provider centres around the globe make every effort to keep operating rooms aseptic so that patients don’t contract infections after surgery.
The management of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti (FETHI) has not only considered as imperative, the cleanliness of the hospital environment by installing 3500kg capacity incinerators to combust its solid wastes but has also placed priority on the safety of its members of staff and the esteemed patients by putting in full operation 3 giant medical autoclave machines for sterilization.
The newly overhauled and refurbished autoclaves have capacities of 280 litres each with average sterilization time of 35 minutes.
It is of importance to note that large autoclaves are essential to every hospital’s functionality. The autoclaves, also called steam sterilizers, ensure the sterilization of medical instruments and materials used everyday in surgeries, procedures and patient services.
Without playing to the gallery or being economical with the truth, it is now pellucid that the rebranding processes of this hospital are taking formations of reality, and the journey is becoming faster to the FETHI of our anticipated choice.
Undoubtedly, with all hands on deck, FETHI shall be great in due course!
Information/Corporate Affairs,