Management of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti (FETHI), had inaugurated Clinical Information Desk (CID) Officers to improve and amplify effectiveness in patient-staff relationship and communications within the hospital environment and to begin operation next week Monday.

Explaining the job descriptions to the concerned information officers on Friday, the hospital’s SERVICOM Nodal Officer, Dr Jimoh described the officers as the faces of the hospital and the front persons at their respective desks.
He urged the officers to always be polite, humble and accommodating while attending to the patients or their relatives in a preferred language they understand. He discouraged answering a phone call longer than a minute while on duty keeping patients waiting.
In addition, he said CID Officers were not expected to release any vital or classified information to the public, as he also noted that they were not permitted to redress service failure if occurred but can only take note of such or call the SERVICOM Nodal Officer for prompt intervention.
Dr Mrs Lawal, Head of Paediatrics Department, who said CID officers were expected to be vast in knowing little about all the clinical activities of the hospital to attend and give appropriate answers to questions that may emanate from patients and their relatives, advised the officers to be tolerant while discharging their duties.
She urged all the heads of the departments to introduce the CID Officers in their various departments to the existing members of staff, adding that all needed supports and cooperation must also be given to improve patient safety, reduce medical errors, improve clinical management and patient satisfaction.
Head of Information/Corporate Affairs, Mr Bank-Akinnuoye, who thanked the management for the initiative, gave the assurance that his men were capable of doing the job effectively and efficiently being professionals.
However, he warned that truancy, negligence, abdication of responsibility and any act of indiscipline or misconduct shall not be treated with kid gloves.
He thereafter led the SERVICOM team and the CID Officers to the intending desk positions in all the important wards, clinics and departments.