Medical Team from the Community Medicine of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti on Monday, 22nd July, 2019 visited Oloje in Oye Local Government area of Ekiti State to sensitize residents on the benefits attached to regular medical checkup.
Mr. Dada Olamilekan, a Communtiy Health Officer (C.H.O) from the Department of Community Medicine, in his opening remarks admonished the participants on the need to overcome fear of financial buoyancy especially when an affordable, qualitative and quantitative health care delivery is being brought to their community.
He also sensitized the attendees on the benefits of living a healthy life and having a healthy diet plan. He urged them to reduce their salt intake, and consume less carbohydrates. He encouraged consumption of more vegetables, drinking enough water and undertaking routine checkups even when not necessarily sick.
He also discouraged participants from keeping unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol intake, poor environmental hygiene, and self medication.
On a final note, Mr. Dada advised patients with ailments such as diabetes and hypertension not to discontinue intake of their medications without the doctor’s consent.
30 people accessed the health care service while 2 were referred to FETHI for further medical investigations. A Community Health Physician Dr Ekpo David, 4 Community Health Officers, 3 Pharmacists, an Accountant and an Information Officer worked as a team for the outreach program.