Community Medicine and Pharmacy Department in collaboration with the Cancer Registry of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti (FETHI) today, 1st July, 2019 paid a visit to Ayegbaju-Ekiti, in Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State to enlighten its residents on the negative effects of self- medication.
Mrs Adeniyi, a Public Health Nurse from the Department of Community Medicine, in  her opening remarks emphasized on the institution’s purpose of the  program which she said was bringing qualitative and quantitative healthcare delivery to the doorstep of the people at a subsidised cost.
She stated the negative effects of self medication and that over-the-counter prescription of drugs can cause malfunctioning of the liver, kidney and some other vital organs of the body as well as escalating some diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
In addition, Mrs. Adeniyi advised the people to always visit an health facility closest to them for proper diagnosis and prescription of medications when they feel any form of ailment.
The second speaker, Mr O.Bola, a Cancer Registrar addressed the people on prevalence of the killer disease “CANCER”, risks factors and effects.
He explained that cancer cannot be seen with ones physical eyes and currently has no cure but can be managed if detected early.
He noted the common kinds of cancer to include breast, prostate, cervical, lung and leukaemia also known as cancer of the blood amongst others.
In the same vein, he highlighted harmful individual practices that could cause one standing the risk of having cancer and its spread in the body to include smoking, alcoholism, obesity, exposure to radiation, inherited genetic mutation and unhealthy diet with low fruit intake.
He therefore urged young women as well as the aged to make it a priority in undertaking screenings and investigations routinely in specialized clinics.
“Also, “Early Detection” is the major remedy in the fight against cancer and prompt visit to the hospital for proper diagnosis and treatments is very necessary,” the Registrar advised.
Furthermore, he discouraged the act of ingesting of herbal solutions in a bid to treat themselves locally, stressing that delay due to negligence in visiting an health facility could degenerate the health of the patient and lead to drastic situations.
On a final note, there was practical demonstration by Mrs. Adeniyi  on how to carry out self breast examination in the comfort of their homes and stressed that whenever there is obvious discomfort in their breast or discharge from the breast on exerting little pressure, a quick visit should be made to the hospital for immediate screening and treatment.
In attendance were 81 people while 5 were referred to FETHI for further medical investigations. Two Community Health Physicians Dr. David Ekpu and Dr. Samuel Adewoye and other medical team were on ground for the outreach programme.