Residents of Ikun-Oba Community in Ekiti East Local Government Area of Ekiti State on Monday, 18th February, 2020 received quality health care services delivery during an outreach organised by the Medical Team from the Community Health and Pharmacy Departments of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti (FETHI).

Mrs Alonge ,a Public Health Nurse from the Department of Community Medicine, FETHI, after her welcome address, educated the attendees on the endemic named Lassa Fever and the importance of keeping our surroundings clean and void of rats in preventing transmission of the disease.

She also spoke on the benefits of inculcating a healthy lifestyle such as regular consumption of vegetables, drinking lots of water, zero alcohol intake, quitting smoking and less of red meat consumption. In addition, Mrs Alonge, emphasized on the aforementioned as means of curbing HYPERTENSION.

The second speaker, Mr O. Bayo, a Cancer Registrar spoke to the people on practicable measures to take in the fight against the killer disease named ‘CANCER’.

He explained that cancer cannot be seen with the physical eyes and has no cure but can be managed if detected early.

However, examination of the body for lumps/growths and regular routine medical checkups as foremost solution to curbing the spread of cancer.

On a final note, he discouraged the people from the act of self – health practices such as going to traditionalists or herbalists for health related matters but rather consult a trained Medical Doctor and taking medications as prescribed.

In attendance were 24 patients with 2 referrals to Opthalmology and Dental Department respectively. A Community Health Physician, Dr. Ilesanmi and other medical team were on ground for the outreach programme.