The Pharmaceutical Services Department of the Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti is saddled with all services that ensure and maintain the responsible provision of drug therapy that achieve clinical, Humanistic and economic outcomes and Improve patients’ quality of life.
Some of the specific activities of the Pharmacy Department within the Hospital include:
• Pharmaceutical Supply, Storage and distribution of Drugs and Consumables)
• Drug formulation/compounding
• Training and Research

    • Other general Pharmacy operations

    • ADMINISTRATIVE SECTION/UNIT: This house the office of the Head of department regular meetings with all unit heads and other cadres to brainstorm on how the department will move forward is also held here. All vital documents relating the department with the management/establishment are also kept.
      The administrative unit also organizes presentations and drug review on weekly basis training for interns and to update pharmacists
    • GENERAL OUTPATIENT PHARMACY (GOPD) UNIT: All out patients fill their prescriptions here and are being counseled on the drug usage.
    • IN-PATIENTS UNIT: Here the drugs meant for the patients on admission are being dispensed.
    • PAEDIATRICS UNIT: is located within the pediatrics complex where drugs meant for pediatrics both out- and in- pediatric patients are being dispensed.
    • ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY UNIT: is located within the A & E complex for prompt attention and services to emergency cases. The unit runs 24hours pharmaceutical services.
    • MATERNITY UNIT: The unit which is located in the maternity complex serves all obstetrics and gynecology cases, the unit also service as service point for Ophthalmology clinic patients due to its proximity to Ophthalmology clinic.
    • ANTIRETROVIRAL UNIT (ARV): Here antiretroviral drugs are being stored and dispensed free to clients. The drugs are supplied free from the Federal Government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO).
    • PHARMACY STORE: This unit houses all drugs meant for the different units. The drugs are stored at their various optimum temperatures. On procurement, drugs are received into the store and also issued to the various units and departments on requisition. The necessary records are being kept for stock control
    • PHARMACOVIGILLANCE/DRUG INFORMATION UNIT: tracks, documents and reports adverse drug reactions (ADRs). It also serves as the library and drug information centre for the department.
    • THE NHIS PHARMACY UNIT: serves the pharmaceutical needs of the National Health Insurance Scheme beneficiaries.
    • DRUGS COMPOUNDING/FORMULATION UNIT: is where certain prescribed drugs dosage forms that are not readily available in market are being formulated.
    • FTH ANNEXES PHARMACY UNIT: Attends to the patients accessing FTH Ado, Ise Ekiti, and Igogo Ekiti annex facilities.
    • THEATER PHARMACY UNIT : This is the unit where all items (Drugs and Consumables) for surgical procedures are being dispensed and is situated in the Hospital Main Theatre.

Department’s Contact Numbers:
08062454974; 08022774552; 08038570485

In the near future, the department hope to have:
• More Pharmacy Units in the Hospital which include all wards of the Hospital and the theatre.
• Small scale drugs manufacturing
• Involved more in research and training activities in the Hospital
• Quality control and quality assurance of medicines through the establishment of Standard Laboratory for the department