Medical team from the Community Medicine and Pharmacy Departments of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti (FETHI) on Thursday, 4th of February, 2021 visited Erinmope Community in Moba Local Government Area of Ekiti State to offer medical services to the residents.

Mrs Adeniyi, a Public Health Nurse from the Department of Community Medicine, sensitized the people on the viral disease named respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (Covid-19).

She educated the attendees extensively on the viral disease, describing it as a pathogenic disease caused and transmitted via direct contact with; infected individual, contaminated surfaces, contaminated/infected fluids (saliva) and person to person transmission.

She explained that the signs and symptoms include fever, headache, itchy throat, general body weakness, cough e.t.c.

She encouraged the people to practice preventive measures which are to; maintain standard health procedures at all times, practice hand hygiene (washing of hands regularly), use nose mask and maintain clean environment.

Furthermore, Mrs Adeniyi enlightened the attendees on the leading causes to the illness, ‘Diabetes Mellitus’. She described diabetes as a disorder in which blood sugar(glucose) levels are abnormally high and infectious. The symptoms include; increased thirst, frequent urination, damage to nerves affecting sensation to the feet, liver and chronic kidney disease.

In conclusion, she urged the people to inculcate a healthy lifestyle such as following a healthy diet pattern (low intake of refined carbohydrates and processed foods), shedding excess body weight, increased physical activities, routine physical examination of blood glucose levels and taking drugs as prescribed by the physician.

Activities carried out during the outreach programme were; Counselling, vital signs, consultations,and dispensation of drugs.

In attendance were 34 patients, with 2 referrals to Opthalmology department and urology clinic respectively. A Community Health Physician, Dr. Ilesanmi and other medical team were on ground for the outreach exercise.