The Department of Dentistry, previously named Dental and Oral surgery of the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido – Ekiti which started in 2003 with just 3 members of staff had grown over the years with respect to personnel and facilities. The dental clinic which used to occupy a four-room building before now occupies two wings of a recently constructed clinical building which also houses the ENT and Ophthalmology departments of the hospital. The dental floor has: the clinic wing and the administrative wing.

The Dental Clinic wing has the following Dental Sub-specialty units:

Oral Diagnosis/radiology Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Restorative Dentistry Preventive/Child Dentistry

The Community Dentistry of the department is situated in the Community outpost of the hospital in Ise-Ekiti.

The Dental clinic serves as treatment centre for the whole of Ekiti State and as referral centre for the neighbouring towns in states of Kwara, Kogi, Ondo and Osun.


The Dental clinic presently has five chairs which are distributed into the following units- Oral Diagnosis, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery unit, Restorative unit and Dental Therapy unit. The Dental Radiology unit comprises of two Dental X-ray machines use for taking Periapical, Bitewing and Occlusal Radiographs. Another facility, among other things in the clinic wing is the Dental Laboratory which was recently upgraded with state-of – the- heart modern equipment. The Dental laboratory has the capacity to do all sorts of dental prostheses and Orthodontic appliances ranging from Removable partial dentures, Complete Dentures, Removable Orthodontic appliances, Functional Orthodontic appliances, Bite planes, Full metal crowns, Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges. The Dental Therapy unit is where Scaling and Polishing, Fluoride therapy application and Oral hygiene instructions are given to patients. There is a Medical/Dental Record office located in the Dental clinic where fresh patients register and old patients retrieve their case note for documentation before being attended to by the doctors. The Department has its own library for the use of staff. There is also a seminar room in the Department where Seminars and presentations take place. Doctors’ call room is available for doctors when on call.

Facilities available in the administrative wing of the Department are Head of Department office, Secretary Office, Consultant offices, Admin office, Departmental Store, Dental Technologists office, Dental Therapists office and Dental Technicians office.

The department presently offers the following services:

In-patient care Out-patient care Emergency services Outreach programmes Training of student Technicians from schools of health Technology and Dental Therapist interns. Research Celebrating World Oral Health day since 2013 during which awareness on Oral health were created and free health care services were offered.

The following is a list of clinical staff in their categories:





  1. DENTAL OFFICERS Aboyeji Segun Zaccheus   Dr. Faloye Adewunmi Omololu Dr. Iwuoha Clara Egememo Dr. Egharevba Ebere Chineny Dr. Omorogbe Kelvin Dr. Ojumu Oluwaseun Dr. Abodunde Oluwaseun Daniel Dr. Ikudayisi Johnson Dr. Ogedengbe Oluwafemi Malcolm Dr. Oluwatuyi Evudafo



Chief Dental Surgery Technicians Assistant Chief Dental Surgery Technicians Principal Dental Surgery Technicians Senior Dental Surgery Technician Higher Dental Surgery Technician Dental Surgery Technicians 

DENTAL TECHNOLOGISTS Adebayo Joseph Alaba (Chief Dental Technologist) Lawal Oladipupo Lukuman (Principal Dental Technologist II) Olufade Lora Adetutu (Dental Technologist) Omotoso Mercy (Dental Technologist)

DENTAL  THERAPISTS Onuche Ojogba Abraham (Principal Dental Therapist I) Ngene Cecilia Nneka (Principal Dental Therapist II) Ewa Rita Otu (Senior Dental Therapist) Ogunsade Ibiwumi Busayo (Dental Therapist) Adewumi Adeola Christy (Dental Therapist)

Admin Staff/Clerical Officer
Confidential Secretary – 1
Administrative officer  – 1
Clerical Officer             – 2
Health attendants       – 5


MondayPost graduate Seminar/Consultant Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic/ Oral Medicine clinicEmergencies and Call in the wards
TuesdayConsultant Restorative Dentistry clinicEmergencies and Call in the wards
WednesdayConsultant Maxillofacial Surgery clinic/Preoperative ward round/ Maxillofacial surgery Operative Theatre/ Oral Medicine clinicEmergencies and Call in the wards
ThursdayConsultant Restorative Dentistry ClinicEmergencies and Call in the wards
FridayGeneral Dental clinicEmergencies and Call in the wards
Saturday/Sunday Emergencies and Call in the wards



The in-patient care is offered in the Accident and Emergency ward, children ward and Surgical wards. Referral and consultations are received from all other wards and units in the hospital.


Out patients are seen in consultant clinics and others days of the week. This service includes emergency/non-emergency cases, follow-up cases and referred cases.


The department is also actively involved in the hospital outreach programme so as to create more awareness to the people in the remote areas, emphasising preventive measures.


The Department is involved in the training of students Technicians of colleges of Technology and Dental Therapist interns.


  • Treatment of major oral and maxillofacial surgery cases including facial injuries ( fractures and soft tissue wounds), maxillofacial tumor ablation and reconstruction etc.
  • Routine extraction, surgical extraction, dentoalveolar and other minor surgeries.
  • Restorative dentistry treatment including tooth restoration with Composite resin, Glass ionomer cement and Amalgam. Other advance conservative treatment are Root canal therapy, Apicectomies, bicuspidization, and root amputation. Prosthetic treatment being done are crowns and bridges, removable partial dentures and full dentures.
  • Preventive dentistry treatment includes scaling and polishing, fissure sealant and root planning.
  • Child dental health care services render include interceptive orthodontics, pulp therapy for deciduous teeth etc.

Accreditation of the Department for the training of Dental House Officers:

The visitation team of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria for the accreditation of the department for the training of the Dental House Officer visited the Department on the 26th April, 2021 to assess the facilities available for the training of Dental House Officers. It gladdens my heart to say that the first batch of dentists (6 in number) to have their housemanship training at Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti has been sent to us and they will commence their training in January, 2022.

         Residency Training

The department is working assiduously towards her accreditation for the Residency training in the nearest future. However, two of our doctors are presently on supernumerary Residency training in other institutions within the country pending when our department will be given accreditation for Residency training.

       News and Events

The department commemorates the World Oral Health day on the 20th of March every year with various activities line up such has debate competition among selected secondary schools, Oral health awareness sensitization to places of interest, free dental checkup at the department and symposium