Quaterly: Hospital Education Cmte (FETHI) Enlightens Staff on Convulsion in Children

As part of FETHI’s engagement strategy to review current practices and coordinate education activities, the Hospital Education Committee of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti in collaboratiom with the Pediatrics Department, has organised a day seminar on the topic ‘Convulsion in Children’ for members of the hospital community on Wednesday.

Dr. Awoyinka, the Chairman of the Committee, welcomed all participants present as he assured them of maximum sit through, as the trainers bring in their wealth of experience.

Forthwith, Dr. Omoniyi O.,who made the first presentation, introduced the term ‘childhood febrile convulsion’ (FBC).

She described FBC, as the manisfestation of involuntary repetitive (clonic) or sustained (tonic) contractions of a group of muscles in conjunction with a rapid rise in body temperature as she further classified them into two( Simple & Complex).

An epidemiological view on the red flags, interventions and management of febrile convulsions(do’s & dont’s:cushion head, loosen tight clothing, turn on side, time the seizure, don’t put anything in mouth, don’t hold down); as she further itemized cerebral malaria, infections, drugs/poisons, tumours, trauma, measles, UTI, intracranial hemorrhage, genetic/chromosonal disorders as some of the causes of FBC in children.

Dr. Ajibola I., taking the second presentation, described Epilepsy as an unprovoked but spontaneous seizure arising from abnormal electricity activity of the brain, affecting individuals in all age groups caused either simple or complex, caused by head injury or CNS infection.

According to world statistics, 50 million people live with epilepsy, 2/3 of them are children, she quoted with pictoral illustrations.

Concluding, Dr. Adeyemi E.O, highlighted his perspective on the limitations to effective mangement of FBC and Epilepsy.
They are; Myths & superstitions, high cost of drugs, loss to follow-up, diagnostic limitations, poor compliance and stigmatization.

He, however stated that epilepsy is treatable either through pharmacotheraphy, surgery or ketogenic diet, and should only be managed by specialists.

Incorporating a presentation on National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Dr.Omolayo T. took the participants on another lane with view on the operations obtainable by the NHIA new act that seeks to promote, regulate, and integrate health insurance schemes and establish universal health coverage for all Nigerians.

Nurse Aina, from the School of Nursing (FETHI), who made the 4th presentation, was full of commendation for the Management of FETHI as he recounted the giant strides attained by the SON institition, taking the lead in integration with the higher institution of learning (FUOYE)in becoming a degree awarding entity, thereby establishing FETHI as a meritorious reference of point within Ekiti State and environs.

The Chief Medical Director, Prof. Adekunle Ajayi while giving his remarks, lauded the Hospital Education Commitee chaired by Dr. Awoyinka, for a job well done as he thereafter urged the participants to propagate the importance for specialized care at all times.

Giving the vote of thanks, Dr Awoyinka applauded the management for their tremendous support to the commitee in the actualization of the quaterly workshops.
He further expressed his appreciation to the presenters for their lucid presentations, as he implored the audience to show up whenever they are called upon to garner knowledge, so they can impact their community positively.

The Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee of the hospital; Dr Olagoke Erinomo, Deputy Director Admin (GA) and Head of Departments were all present at the programme.