FETHI Education C’mtte organises Seminar to Sensitize Staff Members on Ethical Issues in Information Privacy and Confidentiality in the Hospital

Education Committee of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti (FETHI), had collaborated with experts from the Departments of Health Information Management, Human Resources Department, Research & Ethics Comittee and SERVICOM Unit, to organise a seminar in order to awaken the conciousness of members of staff towards “Ethical Issues in Information Privacy and Confidentiality in the Hospital Setting” on Wednesday, 6th April, 2022.

Dr. Adeleke Adeyinka (Head of Dentistry Dept.), who gave the opening remarks on behalf of Dr. Awoyinka(Chairman, FETHI Education Committee), welcomed all members of staff present to the quaterly held seminar.

He, explained that the lectures were aimed at raising awareness on handling patient’s Informations and files confidentially.

He thereby encouraged the participants to pay rapt attention, as he assured them of an informative and comprehensive presentations by the quad-presenters.

Mr. Ogundele Seye, the first speaker from the Department of Health Information Management, who highlighted the differences between the terms “Privacy and Confidentiality” , maintained that both terms are the same but own different conceptions.

He, thereafter defined confidentiality as a duty to protect privileged information which must be treated with maximum respect & “privacy” violated when an unauthorized person enters zone of secrecy, he added.

The second speaker, Mr. Kunle Egunlusi, from the Department of Human Resources while giving the second lecture, similarly maintained that good conduct in dealing with patient’s & staff documents/information must be a priority for all health workers in any institution.

Power point illustrations were also carried out to further butress the consequences for failure to act appropriately within the context of ethical practices in an organization .

Dr. Agboola S., from the Research Committee (FETHI) while giving the third lecture, expantiated on what the term “Ethics” is all about.
He defined Ethics as moral principles that exists in diversity;
“It is about what is right and what is wrong in a particular place at a particular period”.

He further took the participants on a number of Ethical Issues in Information Privacy and Confidentiality in the Hospital setting in relation to their various profession.

The last presentation, “Moral and Information Practice ; Legal Framework for Privacy and Confidentiality (PBOR)” , facilated by Pharm. Adetoran
E, from the SERVICOM Unit(FETHI), discussed the moral and legal aspects associated with privacy and Confidentiality of patient’s clinical records within the work environment.

After entertaining several comments, questions and answers which were appropriately addressed and standard recommendations made by the presenters; the erstwhile CMAC, Dr. Idowu Adebara who represented the CMAC, Dr. Olagoke Erinomo, appreciated the organizers of the program as well as the participants for sitting through all four-lectures.

He decribed the presentations as robust; even as he commended members of staff for their level of confidence & privacy in handing patient’s medical information within the hospital so far.

He concluded, by further urging members of staff to continue to work assiduously within the moral and ethical auspices of the profession, going forward.

Dr. Adeleke, in his closing remarks, appreciated the Management, resource persons, the hospital partners in progress and the participating audience for their productive contributions as he implored them to be in attendance for yet another quarterly of event of the Education Commitee Seminar, coming up in July 2022.