The cross sections of the Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti Christian Community

The cross sections of the Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti Christian Community while holding the September edition of the Staff Prayer Meeting tagged “From Bondage to Blessings” on Thursday 1st September, 2022 at the Hospital Christian Chapel.

The Preacher, Dr Omolayo, who read from Psalm 81:3-16, charged the congregants never to lose focus of who delivered them in time of trouble. He said God has instituted system that runs in His kingdom, that, until you call on Him, He doesn’t answer.

“God’s rescue system is triggered by prayers. The reason why God rescues us is to give us blessings. Refrain from getting yourself into trouble after being rescued,” he admonished.

Mr Alegbeleye Ayodeji, who led the prayer session, urged the congregants to pray to God for grace to walk perfectly in His way and live their lives according to His commandments in this month of September. He prayed God shall make September to be the month of divine satisfaction and the leadership of the hospital shall receive divine favour across board.

Dr Akinbade led another prayer section for the children and bereaved family of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Secretary and member of the Chapel Choir who just passed away, Late Mrs Adoroh Godsgift Emoshokeme. He urged the staff to always run to God for protection.

The Chief Medical Director, Prof Adekunle Ajayi appreciated the leadership of the Chapel and welcomed the members of staff to the new month. He once again condemned the act of spending on frivolities than ensuring healthy living as staff.

According to him, “Coming to Church to give a testimony that you’ve not been to the hospital since you were born is not a good testimony but a mere story. The good testimony is that you’ve just been checked and certified okay in the hospital.”

He beseeched the congregants to make use of the environment they’ve found themselves. He frowned at those who had not registered themselves and their family members on NHIS. He said, “We all need to monitor our health system, especially those above 40.” He prayed the remaining part of the year shall be better in Jesus mighty name, Amen.