The Federal Medical Centre, Ido-Ekiti was established in July 1998.  It took off from the site of Ido General Hospital which was established in 1954.

Following the memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entered or agreed between the Federal government and Afe Babalola University, in 2014, to train her medical students in the clinical period, the institution was then named as Federal Teaching Hospital.

The hospital is presently the foremost tertiary referral centre for all primary and secondary health facilities in Ekiti State and neighbouring towns in other states.  In addition, the hospital has developed to be a centre for training of all cadres of Health Care Professionals as well as medical students from Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti. 

The hospital currently has accreditation for the training of Resident Doctors in surgery, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Paediatrics, CommunityHealth, Psychiatry, Anaesthesia, ENT, Obstetrics and Gyneacology.

The Department of Surgery started since inception of this hospital, as one of the clinical departments.  Currently, the department has full accreditation for 5 years for Part I training of Residents in General Surgery since February, 2010 and partial accreditation for Part 2 General Surgery by the West Africa college of Surgeon.

The department is also accredited for training by the National postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, NPMCN full part I training and partly for part II in General Surgery. However, the part one accreditation expired last year December, 2021, other the five (5) years given in February, 2017.

The department has grown from single unit of General Surgery to its present status of having all the surgical units of:

  1. General Surgery Unit
  2. Urology
  3. Paediatric Surgery
  4. Plastic and Burns Unit
  5. Neurosurgery
  6. Accident and Emergency
  1. Orthopaedics Trauma Unit.

Since its inception, the department has developed in terms of manpower and facilities for care and treatment of all surgical cases.  It serves as Treatment/Research Centre for Ekiti State and neighbouring towns in Kwara, Kogi and Osun States.

The department is functioning with a combined team of surgical, nursing and administrative staff with good laboratory back up.  We presently offer the following services:-

  1. Specialist clinics for all surgical patients
  2. In-patient care
  3. Out-patient care
  4. Training and Research
  1. Specialist clinics for all Orthopaedics and Trauma patients.
  2. In-patient care Orthopaedics
  3. Out-patient care Orthopaedics
  4. Training and Research Orthopedics



Consultants15 (15 permanent,  3 locum) (Surgery 11, Orthopaedic 4)
Senior Registrar9 (4 on outside posting)
Junior Registrars6
House Officers6 (rotating through the department every 3 months)


Confidential Secretary1
Administrative Officer2
Chief Clerical2
Health Assistant3



The department operates a unit/firm system with each unit/firm being headed by Consultants managing different specialties, working with Resident Doctors and House Officers.


The department is involved in the training of Resident Doctors of the department, as well as residents from Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ENT and Family Medicine department: that rotates through the department in fulfillment of their faculty requirements: as well as House surgeons and medical students.

Our otherwise regular academic programmes suffered serious setback with the outbreak of covid-19 with maximum impart in year 2020, However with the resumption of full clinical and academic activities in early 2021, we have kept up with our schedule.

It is worth to note, that the department lost pioneer head of Surgery department, a fellow of the Medical College of Surgeon some years back. 


The department is actively involved in both local and international collaborative research work. This international research works include covid-19 COLLABORATIVE STUDIES, EAGLE STUDY AND CHEETAH We also recruited patients in the CRASH 3 trial, a global collaborative research on the efficacy of Tranexamic acid in significant head injury. We are also involved in the smile Train Programme for free cleft surgery for our indigent patients.

Weekly Activities:

A.         (Outpatient / Inpatients care / Academics & Research)

General SurgeryMonday/WednesdayTuesday/Friday
Firm AMondayTuesday
Firm BWednesdayFriday
Plastic SurgeryMondayWednesday/Thursday
Paediatric Surgery TuesdayMonday/Friday

B.         Academic activities:

MondayWeekend Review2.00pm
TuesdayDirector round2.00pm
WednesdayClinical Grand round2.00pm
ThursdayClinical Bed side Presentation by Residents8.30am
ThursdayPrinciples of surgery2.00pm

A. Dr. Abiyere O.H. MBCh.B, FWACS (2013)
Consultant General Surgeon / Head of Department.
Department of Surgery. With special interest in breast and colorectal oncology
B. Dr. Fatudimu S.O. MBCh.B, FWACS (2018)
Consultant General Surgeon
Department of Surgery. Special interest in Laparoscopic surgery
C. Dr. Oribabor Felix-Nelson Omon, MBBS,FWACS, FICS (2008)
Consultant General Surgeon
Department of Surgery. Special interest in Gastrointestinal oncology
D. Prof. Akute O.O. FRCS (1978), FWACS
Consultant General and endocrine Surgeon (Contract)
Department of Surgery
E. Prof. Akinola D.O. FHCS (1981), FWACS (1996)
Consultant General and Gastrointestinal surgeon
Department of Surgery (Locum)


A. Dr. Banjo O.O. MBCh.B,FWACS (2010)
Consultant Urological Surgeon. Special interest in Prostatic diseases including prostate cancer, urethral stricture diseases, renal pathology and Andrology.
Department of Surgery
B. Prof. Salako A.A. MBBS; FWACS (1996)
Consultant Urological Surgeon. Special interest in Prostatic diseases including prostate cancer, urethral stricture diseases, renal pathology and Andrology.
C. Dr Egharevba Peter MBBS; FWACS (2013)
Consultant Urological Surgeon. Special interest in Prostatic diseases including prostate cancer.


A. Dr. Babalola O.F. MBBS;FMCS,FWACS (2008, 2009)
Consultant Plastic surgeon. Special interest in craniofacial and aesthetic surgery
Department of Surgery.
B. Dr. Salawu A.I. MBBS;FWACS (2013)
Consultant Plastic surgeon: special interest in Hand and Microsurgery


A. Dr Bakara T.I.B MBBS;FMCS, (2006)
Consultant paediatric surgeon. Special interest Paediatric Urology
Department of Surgery
B. Dr. Olajide T.A. MBBS; FWACS (2010)
Consultant paediatric surgeon
Department of Surgery


A. Dr. Okunlola A.I MBCh.B, MSc, FWACS (2018)
Consultant Neurosurgeron. Special interest in neuro-oncology, skull base surgery and spine surgery.
Department of Surgery
B. Dr. Oyeleye O.O. MBBS; FWACS (2019)
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Department of Surgery