Departmental Overview/Introduction

Histopathology services commenced in the hospital in 2002 and since then, we have been serving Ekiti State and the neighbouring States.

The department of Morbid Anatomy is comprised of 3 units namely:

  • Surgical Pathology Laboratory: The arm of the department which is saddled with the responsibility of processing all surgical and cytological specimens originating from within and outside the hospital.
  • Mortuary Services: The morgue receives and accepts for preservation and storage bodies from within and outside the hospital.  It is also the place where all hospital and coroners’ autopsies are carried out.
  • Cancer Registry: The Cancer Registry is an integral arm of the department dealing with collection, analysis and storage of statistical data regarding the demography of cancers in Ekiti State.  The registry is also involved in creating, sustaining and promoting awareness about cancer and cancer prevention.

Nominal Roll: The total number of staff in the department is 36 while one (1) is contract staff out of the total number.                           The department is also having three consultant locums (Doctors)