The first quarterly prayer meeting of the Federal Teaching Hospital Ido – Ekiti took place at the centre on Thursday 8th January2015.

The prayer session which lasted about one and half hour was attended by over 500 members of staff inspite of the ongoing JOHESU nation-wide strike.

Prominent ministers of God mounted the podium to exhort the congregation on how to achieve the BEST in the New Year. The hospital’s choir was at her best in the rendition. Different ministers of God led prayers for the hospital, the town, Ekiti State and Nigeria in general.
The CMD remarked by acknowledging the presence of everybody and appreciated all members of staff for their support throughout last year and enjoined them to live above the previous year as they all know that the hospital has been upgraded.

He further said that the management is making all efforts to make the hospital one of the leading tertiary hospitals in the country. He admonished all members of staff not only to continue but to improve in the area of discipline, commitment, punctuality, hard work, loyalty and avoid late coming.

The CMD also cautioned everybody to be mindful of listening to rumors, and to seek information from appropriate authorities. So as to avoid running down one another unjustly i.e. run away from rumor mongering in other to reach out for the best as said by the man of God and whenever anybody is in doubt he/she should not hesitate to visit the information centre for clarification.
He finally prayed for all the staff and wished them a prosperous 2015.