On Monday, 29th July, 2019, Omu-Ijelu community in Oye Local Government area of Ekiti received health care delivery from Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti, (FETHI).
Prior the commencement of vital signs procedure and doctor’s consultation, a Public Health matron from Community Medicine Department, Mrs. Adeniyi in her opening address familiarized the people with the merits and ways of living a healthy life, which includes
avoid eating late meal and
consumption of more vegetables.
Addressing the issue on Self-Medication, the matron defined it as the selection and use of medicines by individuals to treat self-recognized or self-diagnosed conditions or symptoms without the consent or prescription from a certified physician.
In addition, potential risks of self-medication practices includes: incorrect self-diagnosis, delays in seeking medical advice when needed, infrequent but severe adverse reactions, dangerous drug interactions, incorrect manner of administration, incorrect dosage, incorrect choice of therapy, masking of a severe disease and risk of dependence and abuse.
Similarly, a cancer registrar, Mr. O. Bayo sensitized the attendees on measures an individual can take in fighting against CANCER.
A community physician, Dr. Ibikunle, a matron, a cancer registrar, three Community Health Officers, three pharmacists, an accountant and an information officer were on ground for the outreach programme.
40 participants were recorded and 2 were referred to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and Ophthalmology Departments of FETHI.