Dr. I. O. Adebara
Residency Programme

We conduct internship training for Doctors, Pharmacists, Laboratory Scientists, Community Health Extension Workers, Dental and Records Technologists and Technicians.

Our future projections are to utilize the knowledge, abilities and skills of our Consultants to train younger generation of doctors as specialists in their chosen fields; which is now a reality. We also want to train staff of the other medical professions e.g. Nurses, Laboratory Scientists etc

The hospital presently has well qualified and experienced Consultants supervising the residency programme with senior registrars and junior registrars undergoing training.

Residents are sent for conferences, workshops and seminars at the hospital�s expense and those who need more exposure in speciaities not available in this centre are sent out for such postings in centres where they exist.

It is important to note that the Departments of General Surgery, Paediatrics and Community Medicine have been recently accredited for Residency training by both the West African and National Postgraduate Medical Colleges.

Residency Information

The hospital is now transformed and the Residency Programme accredited by both Colleges i.e. the National and West African Post Graduate Medical Colleges. We are absolutely committed to upholding the programme in its rightful place as one of the best programmes in Nigeria and indeed in Africa as a whole. The Federal Teaching Hospital appreciates the contributions of all the experts in the different fields who have worked tirelessly and assiduously towards the attainment of this fit.

We extend our special gratitude to all stakeholders who expressed their zeal, interest, knowledge and commitment to the realisation and accreditation of the programme. Your contributions are invaluable and worthy of emulation. To the Resident Doctors, we say welcome to a world of wonderful and fruitful training programme in a serene and natural environment, very conducive to learning. As the saying goes,�Treasure wisdom and it will make you great; hold unto it, and it will bring you honour�. Proverbs 4 v 8.

Dr L.M. Ayodele

Chief Medical Director